Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cooper Lofts & Keeping Renters Under Control

Here at the Dayton Ohio Cooper Lofts we have updated our rental polices!

I have marked in Bold the really key items that we will use to make sure that renters in the Dayton Ohio Cooper Loft building do not cause the property owners any trouble.

Renters can be very annoying so these rules should help control them:

#9. "No short term rentals" This change should keep the young professional worker out of the lofts. We had that group of restaurant entrepreneurs move in last year and they were nothing but trouble. Coming and going early in the morning, having friends coming and going in the evening and all sorts of noise (playing music and singing!!!)

#11. "One parking place for renters" This change should make sure that as many open spaces are available for property owners in the garage. Some of us have two or three cars and we need the spots!

#12. "Contacting the Owner First" This way we do not have to talk to renters directly.

#14. "Renter Pets" Renters are not the same as property owners and therefore, should have less rights. We will make sure that they are not allowed to have pets by adding this rule.

#15 and #16. "Complaining Renters" Some renters in the past have thought that they were entitled to the same dispute resolution process as other people living in the building. We have changed the rules so that renters are not allowed to have a dispute resolution process.
    1. No Owner may engage in a rental of property of any kind without first executing a contract with the Cooper Lofts Condo Association that, among other things, acknowledges the Owner’s responsibility for all the acts or omissions of any renters and indemnifies the Association and individual homeowners against damages to property or person as well as claims brought by renters.
    2. All owners, landlords, or management companies must maintain a written lease agreement available to the Cooper Lofts Condo Association Board of Directors.
    3. A separate, written, rental agreement between the owner, landlord, or management company is subject in all respects to the By-laws and all Rules and Regulations duly adopted by the Association Board of Directors as amended from time to time. Said agreement shall provide that any failure of the lessee or tenant to comply with all documents shall be default under the lease.
    4. A copy of the signed Rental/Lease Agreement will be forwarded to the Cooper Lofts Condo Association 72 hours prior to move in by the lessee or tenant.
    5. The owner, landlord, management company shall furnish the lessee or tenant, copies of all documents pertaining to restrictions, rulings and policies, including the parking policy, common areas policy, pet policy, and noise disturbances, prior to signing the lease agreement.
    6. The owner is responsible for the actions of the lessee or tenant and their guests.
    7. The owner, landlord, or management company will notify the Association immediately when they become aware that a lessee or tenant is going to move.
    8. Units shall not be occupied by renters for less than 180 days.
    9. Short-Term Rentals are permitted only to single family groups, such as groups related by blood or marriage, and their close friends.
    10. Rental for commercial activities, such as corporate retreats and weddings, are not allowed.
    11. Indoor parking at Cooper Lofts Condominiums is limited. No Unit that is being rented shall have more than one indoor parking space as assigned by the Condo Association Board. Temporary daytime parking is not allowed.
    12. Owners that intend to rent their homes shall notify the Cooper Lofts Condo Association Board and provide a contact number that neighbors may use to report problems with renters.
    13. Permanent door access codes or contractor codes shall not be disclosed to renters. Homeowners must supply their renters with remote control units and are responsible for their recovery after a lease is ended.
    14. Homeowners shall not allow renters to bring animals onto their property.
    15. Disputes between neighbors arising from rentals shall first be addressed by direct communication between the involved property owners. In the event a dispute is not resolved in this way, the complaining property owner shall provide a written statement of the dispute to the Cooper Lofts Condo Association Board and to all other involved property owners at least 2 weeks prior to a scheduled meeting at which the complaint will be reviewed and a resolution proposed.
    16. It should be understood that the only legal recourse for renters arising from civil disputes with property owners is through their landlords. Renters may not petition the Cooper Lofts Condo Association Board directly.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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